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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Groundhog hair

The Bear

Beautiful paintings from Amber Alexander - her etsy shop and her blog and she has adorable Snow Kitten Christmas cards on sale now ... hey ! especially you cat lovers (and I know there are lots of you out there) - why not support an artist while getting a head start on next Christmas.

For some reason the smell of my coffee this early morning reminds me of New York City. A city I adore and have visited many times. Think today while I putter around this old brick house in this tiny seaside village I'll pretend I'm puttering around in my petite atelier in NYC. Pretending and imagining in life - should never ever end.

I have some cooking on la list for today. A big batch of roast chicken & rice dog food for my girl Miss D who had another close call yesterday with Monsieur Porcupine (not the same one - we were in a different locale). One quill in her chin that I easily pulled out and thankfully no harm or trauma done to Mr. (or Madam) Porcupine. They say it's the Year of the Ox this year, but in these parts we're thinkin' it's the year of the Porcupine - a very sweet and gentle, unassuming animal. While I'm racing and running around frantically (bordering on hysterically) trying to grab Miss D by her collar M. Porcupine (who's only inches away from me - from us) seems totally and completely unfazed he or she is just dee dee deeing along - Hmmmm .... mmmmm I think maybe I'll saunter over to that spruce tree over there ... dee dee dee - I guess that's life with a protective coat of quills.

I'm making a big pot of seafood chowder with haddock & scallops today (perhaps a photo and recipe tomorrow morning). I'm working on new children's art prints for my etsy shop, another new little photo frame project for customer No Uno, we have movies to watch, fires to loll by, books to begin, tidying up to do, pots of tea to sip on and long crisp walks across snowy fields and along wooded trails - me and my best girl Winnie Dixon - it's a full and busy weekend here at 29 Black Street.

Almond and coconut butter bubbles are a callin'. Say that three times - fast.



Queen Isabelle - Poodle Ruler


  1. Are you really selling 29 Blackstreet? This post makes me want to buy it and move! Love your blog!

  2. Hi Carol, that is the intention ... although at this very moment in time (and all the moments directly following this very moment) I am choosing to "not" think about saying goodbye to either this big old brick house or this tiny seaside village.

    I do love it here ... but it is way too much house, yard and garden for this single self employed gal with a tres modest income. This house deserves an owner who has the time and income to give her the TLC that she needs.

    At this moment however ... I cannot bear to think of leaving her.

  3. The paintings are wimsical and lovely. Susan I hope you stay in 29Blackstreet, the house seems like your old friend who would miss you horribly if you are gone.

  4. Oh I love Amber's work. So dreamy, poignant and beautiful.

    Sea food chowder sounds delicious. I wish I had a pot of that sitting in my fridge today!

  5. Goodness, I do love this lady's artwork!! Right up my street! Thanks so much for giving me directions to her place.

    And, your day sounds very like my own! Although I may try to squeeze in a movie this evening. We'll see. And...seafood chowder! My favourite! I can just imagine how delicious your house smells right about now!

    I cannot tell you how grateful I am that Edward and I do not encounter porcupines on our walks! Rub Winnie's chin for us!!

  6. Good morning, sweet Susan. Thanks for the website link you sent me. I love it! :)

    The paintings you posted are very wimsical and serene. She is good.
    I'm looking forward to your children's work. You're very inspiring.

    (I need some more confidence with my artwork. I've been questioning it lately and if it is really good enough to sell...)

    Anyway, I can't wait to see your new prints. I love your work. Someone asked about your "tiny little life" print that I have displayed on my desk at work...I directed them to your etsy shop! :)

    Love TONS and tons! Hugs to you and the furry babies. :)

  7. Sounds like a good Saturday to me! Mmm, a big bowl of chowder on a cold winter's night. Nice.

  8. I too love the whimsey and poignancy of Amber's paintings. And it sounds like you have (had) a wonderfully lovely day ahead of you.
    I've never been to New York, always wanted/meant to go. Definitely a place to daydream and imagine about.

  9. The poodle in the chair is hilarious...and..... I have a friend with a white poodle name Isabelle.... must send this to her right away.... she'll have a great laugh....


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