Sunday, January 25, 2009

big huge love

I still see you everywhere ... and oh thank goodness

and at the end of a long, long day
there is not much more to say than...

love ... I'm so glad I met you

Jake ... the big red dog who kept me safe for all those years while I grew strong

*custom "J" gold heart necklace found here. merci michelle.


  1. The unconditional of a canine companion........... can you beat it? Have a great day Susan!

  2. How wonderful to share your affection for Jake with us. It validates your relationship and allows those of us with dog campanions to also remember how important they are in our lives. Lady Blue was my dog soulmate. SHe also protected me when I was living on my own and gave me unconditional doggy affection and love. Now I have many perritos but we have a friendly group type relationship. I love them too but I'm sure they could adapt to someone else. How connected you both look in those photos!

  3. Beautiful, heartfelt post. Unconditional love never, ever dies. **hugs**

  4. Susan, I love the photos of your furry friends. The love comes shining through.

  5. It is a wonderful feeling when grief begins to make more room for gratitude. I remember when we lost our last dog, Zubin...named for Zubin Mehta because his big black chow chow face resembled him so...it took so long to miss him. It was a year and a half before, one night on the rescue website, we saw Edward. The rest of course, is happy history. But I now can look back at all the sweet memories of Zubin and feel so grateful that we had him grace our lives. I know you feel the same about Jake.

    And I love Miss Winnie's photo over there on the side!!

  6. I remember times in my life when animals have supported me unconditionally.A long time ago,I had a very difficult pregnancy, having to rest for long periods of time in bed, and it could be quite lonely and uncomfortable at times. My dear cat (I still have a soft spot for Russian Blues)saw me through this and was wonderful when the baby arrived. Later when this same child became a teenager with the resulting moodswings and antics that made you want to tear your hair out, my ginger cat kept me company down in the back yard - searching me out as they do, and privvy to all my innermost thoughts. The husband? Pretty much useless in those situations,or most of the time off doing something else. Dear animals...they keep us sane and grounded.Susan I love the bond you have with your animals, and your posts, sad, happy and otherwise. In recognition of your sweet thoughts and openess, there's an award for you to collect at Textilosophy...well deserved.

  7. Hi Susan, in just a few little words you brought tears to my eyes. The necklace is perfect.

  8. Animals are wonderful and I think dogs especially so. I too have had dogs who helped me through very difficult times. Without them I think I would have been lost.

    By the way, I have tagged you. See my post for an explanation and how to proceed.

  9. I've always felt that dogs are angels without wings. I know that Jake was one, too.


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