Tuesday, January 27, 2009

upstairs hallway - polaroid

a favourite nook and look out spot and place for basking in the morning sun.

Yesterday I had a day that I can only think to call a sick day, or better still (and in more empowering socially correct terms) a wellness day. I goofed off - on a Monday - on a Week Day. Something I rarely ever do. Well that's not entirely true ... I do goof off plenty but usually I goof off under the guise of attempted productivity. I normally would make myself remain at the teak topped desk the entire day ... goofing off, trolling the net and waiting in half hearted anticipation for the productivity muses to arrive but yesterday I actually planned to vacate. By mid morning I was scheduling my afternoon goof off time. I was feeling completely uninspired, a tad down-in-the-dumps (?), Monday's are often a tricky day for me even being self-employed and I was, am still, cold (the cold has an awful lot to do with it). Yesterday morning Winnie and I had a very quick walk down into the park at the end of Black Street and along the harbour which is now completely and solidly frozen ... and it had to be one of the coldest, most bitter days that I can remember. My fingers ached from the cold even through my doubled up flannel mitts. A scary kind of cold*. The kind of cold that you know you really shouldn't be out in for very long. When the mercury drops to these minus (plus throw in the big dash of windchill) temperatures my fireplace insert, even with the fan going at top speed and the draught open doesn't ... can't, heat this old brick house. And I am tres cheap (I mean frugal) with the furnace oil so ... what's a girl to do but gather all the furry ones, ready a steaming mug of orange spice tea, leave this frozen January world of 29 Black Street and head off to 1974 Detroit and the now teenage life of Calliope the main character and narrator of Middlesex ... all while buried happily in the oh so cozy nest of down and flannel. I even had a little afternoon snooze. I'm blamin' it on the cold. And ya know ... I barely feel guilty. Shut Up !! What's happening to me ... I've gone all Que Sera.

Today I will try and make up for lost time ... what is lost time anyway ? Is there such a thing ? ... can time ever really be lost ? ... oh ! oh ! I feel a Que coming on

* the mercury is rising and the 14 day trend is for nothing but above seasonal temperatures. Hooray !

and this makes me want to keep my house.


  1. "Que sera, sera" was one of the songs my mom used to sing to us when we were kids.
    We lived in Chicago for a few years, and we really loved our fireplace insert... brutal winters, probably not unlike yours?
    Have a happy, productive day, Susan.

  2. Monday was Australia Day and we all had a holiday so you joined us in that. I would say you can't lose time because all the time you are not doing something so you would always be losing time from the perspective of the thing you weren't doing. However, you can win time. Everyday is a windfall of 24 hours to spend as we choose.

  3. Anyday spent in the company of the gang and a good book is a great day
    in this gals opinion ! Have another great day Susan!

  4. Good for you! Que sera is a wonderful place to visit. I'm quite familiar with the place myself. Funny to read that this morn. I was talking to an old girl friend from high school last night and she used the same term. I said something, don't remember what, and she said "Oh, well...que sera".

    Keep warm!!

  5. Know what you mean about scary cold. Our temp dipped to minus 29F...minus33.8C last night. Schools are closed. But here I am at work...surfing blogs hehe. Good wishes for great inspiration!

  6. A "que" or a "c'est".... some days that's just the way it is.....
    c'est la vie....... and Happy Tuesday.....

    Vee xx

  7. Sounds lovely. A little goofing off never hurt anyone...

  8. Good evening, sweet Susan.

    First, I got my package today from you. Yipppeee!! Thank you. It made me SMILE big time. =)

    And don't you just love the furry babies? It doesn't matter if your cold, bummed, blue, happy, whatever your mood, their unconditional love far outweighs everything else in life, No?


  9. Hi Susan. A bit of brrrr would be more than welcome here. Its 45 degree heat in Adelaide at the moment. People are on the radio about keeping pets cool - a good suggestion was mixing beef stock and water and freezing it in a big iceblock for their dogs. Very salty and enjoyable evidently - a treat for our Aussie dogs for sure, but then yours have ice anywhere, any time!!

  10. Great picture too.

    Hey, someone else use's "sponge" in their link name! not fair! It's my word now. :)


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