Thursday, January 29, 2009

Miss Winnie Dixon and more scenes from the sunny nook

Yesterday was a day filled with spitballs ... spitballs from the Universe. Do you remember in junior high school how the boys (predominately) would chew pieces of paper into tiny little balls and blow these spit-balls through an empty Bic pen. Well yesterday as I sat at the teak topped desk anticipating and waiting on creativity to arrive in all her spendour these little spitballs seem to be coming at me from every direction. Covert tiny taps to the spirit.

What you are afraid to do now
is the clearest indicator
the next thing you need to do.


oh ! oh ! if this is true ... I have an awful lot of next things to do

My horoscope for yesterday (Cancer - found here at my fav horoscope place) January 28 You have a change of heart this afternoon. Instead of looking at a situation the same predictable way, you move your mind in a more detached, all-encompassing direction. Once this occurs, you can see all sides, cause and effect, and gain a fresh, healthy perspective. Once you've let go of a negative defense pattern, you're free to explore other ways to deal with situations that have been difficult for you. Instead of automatically pulling in the wagons and assuming the worst, you see the whole picture in better detail from a safe, detached distance. This creates an excellent mindset for decision-making. By depersonalizing and eliminating fear, anger and other ego relics, you move toward a reasonable, balanced position. You also let go of the repetitive, chapter and verse gripe you've held onto for what seems like ages. Now, you can make a real choice from a position of strength, instead of reacting like a wounded animal.

Whoa ! think I'll make this my new mission statement
hey ! how did they know about the wounded animal ?

never let a crisis go to waste
Ron Emanuel

something to definitely embroider on a pillow for future reference 'cause it's true

every problem is a question trying to ask itself
every question is an answer trying to reveal itself
every answer is an action or a way of life trying to show up.
Michael Bernard Beckwith

Shut Up !!

I listened to this spirituality podcast from Oprah.com yesterday (available in video or audio formats) and honestly ... I didn't want it to ever end. I guess I am a seeker.

and I'm hearing Halifax musician Kevin Fox and this song everywhere - from his new album Songs for Cello. Hauntingly beautiful.

It's +10 C and a 14 day trend in the weather that's calling for above and way above normal temperatures. Hooray ! Big happy smile and the wind is so strong this early morning, coming in from the harbour, that it's shaking this old brick house. Patchouli bubbles and my gal Miss D are waiting on me.


  1. Seekers-maybe we all are...tender photos!

  2. okay...how about this one.....

    "Keeping your personal progress moving forward in the right direction requires that you take the time to appreciate your efforts, regardless of how great or small you feel they may be."

    Dawna Walter

  3. Such a sweet face! And I know how you feel, although lately it seems like the universe smiles warmly, and three minutes later slaps me in the face.


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