december's eve

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's cold. The temperatures however will climb today and for the next two weeks the forecast is for above normal temperatures. My heart t'is singing. My bank account is snug and tucked in tight in the black. The tax man is happy (for now). Oliver (the world's sweetest cat) is perched here beside me. I've reached the point in this year of terrible Ache and Sadness, of deep Grief and Longing, that life without my hero dog Jake has become familiar and normal to me ... to us. Bitter sweetness, wistful memories and enormous relief are all tangled together. It's the first December in many years that I'm not living on that terrible edge of life, coping with a gravely ill and rapidly declining senior family member - first Ernst, then Emma Jane and last year that sweet Noodle dog. I have the best friend a girl could ask for and I know in my heart that I would've given up, this difficult year, if it wasn't for her constant attention, care and endless love. We live a safe and sound life in a big beautiful brick house. Madam LuLu her most royal Highness of Black Street lived a long, loud, bossy and superior life, she reigned over these lands and territories, gardens and jungles another summer season and well into her 18th year. I talk with my one and only sister every single week for at least an hour. I have great food and good health and I have twinkling sparkling Christmas lights. I walk by the ocean every day of my life. There are no lawns to be mowed or jungles to be whacked at for days and days and days. I have a wall of fire wood neatly stacked in my sunporch. And I have the Ness, the L'il Man & the shaggalicious Miss Winnie D who's only wish in life was to be somebody's dog - and she is so my dog and I am so her human. There is much love and joy, peace and gratitude here this Christmas Eve in this old brick house at 29 Black Street ... and in this tiny Nova Scotia seaside village.

Later on we'll conspire ... as we dream by our fire.

Merry Christmas to all.


  1. Merry Christmas Susan

    Peace & joy to you and your furry family.

  2. What a beautiful post you wrote this morning! I read your blog first thing every morning but I don't think that I have left a comment before.

    Merry Christmas Susan!

  3. Merry Christmas Susan and all who reside at 29 Black Street.

  4. It is a joy to read you every day.

    Merry Christmas to all at 29 Black Street!

  5. HI SUSAN and gang!
    Merry Christmas to you.
    Beautiful picture and post.
    And Bailey sends a special hoiday wish to your gang of buddies!

  6. delightful post, dear susan! merry christmas to you and your furry ones. peace be with you!

  7. So much to be happy for in such a mournful year. Merry Christmas, Susan, and to Miss D., Bleet, Oliver and Gus too.

  8. Have a great Christmas, Susan. (I've left a present for you on my kitchen table blog!) Sending warm and merry thoughts your way.

  9. Well, darn it all anyway! How the heck am I supposed to leave a witty, happy-go-lucky comment with tears in my eyes...even if they are tears of joy to see how great things are over here this afternoon.

    Just a quick stop to say Merry Christmas to you and all the furry friends.... hugs all ' I'm off to punch down the Pannetonne..or however you spell it. I had a hiccup with the first batch and dumped the waaayy to dry feeling dough..found a second recipe and am on the second rising...never having made it before I haven't a clue how it will turn out... but, it'll be tasty I'm sure...

    HAPPY, HAPPY HOLIDAYS>>>>>>> !!!

  10. Love, joy and peace to you and your clan, Susan.

    Merry Christmas!

    Willow x

  11. Good evening, sweet Susan. Merry Christmas to you and the furry friends!!! :)


  12. It has been a delight getting to know you this year. Edward and I send you all our very best wishes for a most Happy Christmas. Snug, warm, well-fed, and merry.

  13. Merry Christmas to you all and much joy and success to you in the new year !


  14. Life is good my dear friend. For us both right now and I am happy for us both.

    I stopped by to read your Christmas Eve post while I'm waiting for Katy to get to sleep so Santa can drop off his bounty before we Santas stagger off to bed sated with Christmas Eve dinner. I'm so glad I did. Your post is beautiful.

    I hope you know...I know I've said it more than once this year...your friendship and support throughout this difficult, at first, then pretty darned good later year has meant the world to me.

    Merry Christmas to you and all the sweeties.

  15. Happy, happy christmas, Susan & to the fluffy bunch. I'm sure you're having a wonderful time.


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