sunday at the golf course

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

winnie .... waiting .... waiting .... watching ....

Yesterday was a wild, wild day throughout much of Atlantic Canada, in our little village by the sea and all around our old brick house near the harbour. Our power miraculously stayed and we were all snug and safe here at the teak topped desk the whole day.

Sunday afternoon however, was spectacular. Sunny and warm(er) than the frigid temperatures that had been lingering around here. Blue, blue skies, not a whiff of wind, white sparkling snow and happy thrilled dogs. Now that we've had yesterday's big snowfall the golf course becomes much less appealing, the snow too deep for dog legs and becomes aerobic exercise for human legs (not neccessarily a bad thing). We'll hope for another mild spell soon to melt some of this snow or a cold spell so that a hard crust forms and we'll be able to walk on top of the snow drifts and we'll wait patiently and very much look forward to our next date to zoom around with Deb & Maggy Sue.

The sky this early morning is clear and filled with twinkling stars. The air is cold and I'm happy to report that the snow plough fairies have visited through the night and scooped out that heavy big hump of snow left by the big street ploughs at the end of my driveway (and at the end of my walkway). I suspect that it was Roger of the burgandy pick up truck. Neighbours Roger and Norma. Their cat Jessie likes to have a bite to eat here at 29 Black Street and I feed him on a regular basis. Winn & I like to call him Yessie. It makes us giggle when we walk back up our walkway and onto the front porch after our early morning walk and I say to Miss D Look there's Yessie ! He's usually there, sitting on the windowsill, peering into the kitchen and wondering why the morning's breakfast service is so poor.

Today I still need to finish up my final two frame drawing projects of this year. We'll go out after lunch and do a few errands - Miss D my constant companion and most excellent seat warmer. We'll pick up big bags of seeds for our birds and the girls at the post office are having a little open house with snacks and hot cider. I'll shovel paths to the car, to the street and to the bird feeders and I may even make a batch of my grandmother's famous Christmas cookies.

Blanchies Scottish Shortbread
1 cup of butter
4 tbsps. brown sugar
2 cups of flour

Cream butter and sugar until whipped and light, gradually add in flour. Pat dough or *roll into a large circle, score circle into wedges with a knife (the secret is to handle the dough as little as possible). Bake at 325 until just beginning to turn golden at edges (8-15 minutes depending on thickness) *roll out dough 1/4" thick or even a bit thicker and cut with a small (1") round cookie cutter. Frosting - cream a few tbsps butter with a drop of almond extract and enough icing sugar to make a thick frosting. Add a smidge of frosting to each cookie and decorate with red and green maraschino cherry bits.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve !

my sweet little snow bunny


  1. Wish I could have Winnie for Christmas.

  2. Breathtaking.
    We have a lot of snow out here for the lower mainland. Us west coast people hardly know what to do with ourselves.
    Hope you have a cozy (with electricity), and peaceful Christmas.

  3. Hi,
    Beautiful skies there, today we have grey and it is predicted for the rest of the week. Boo. The gold course looks like a great place to walk.

  4. Hi Susan. Hope you are managing to keep warm.Some of your photos today, and recently, of the dogs playing in the snow would make great watercolour exercises-long shadows, great expanses of white with those dear four-legged friends to add interest.Patience personified in that first photo!Love to you and the creatures.

  5. I just love those photos of Miss Winnie. Such a little poser. I'm glad to hear a little of that elusive Christmas spirit in your voice. It is the little things I think that make this period a little more special than any other time. Like the open house you the snow and blue skies. Like romping dogs. They seem to take on just a little more meaning at Christmas, I think.

    I just want you to know, Susan, how much your friendship has meant to me this year. It is because of you really that I even have a blog. You inspired me and you continue to inspire me on a daily basis. Thanks for your friendship, support and sweetness to so many of us. I value it greatly.

  6. Oh the wild abandon of a happy dog, loosed upon the world!

    Merry Christmas to ALL at 29 Black Street!

    Vickie from Dallas

  7. That is so incredibly beautiful. Wow!


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