Saturday, December 13, 2008

twinkling sparkling

Zigzagging temperatures. Way up and way down. We're in the middle of a wee plunge at the moment but then right back up to balmy spring like air by Monday. I'll take all the balmy I can get. Bitter cold most definitely increases my blahs, in fact I recall that last winter, a particular frigid one, the girls who Jake, Winnie and I walked with would comment (often) that they'd never known me to be so grumpy. Normally I'd be the one always oohhing and ahhing at the smallest little natural details on our treks through frozen pastures and along icy shores. Ooh look at the colour of those berries or Wow ! the sky is spectacular but put me outside in the very cold, even wrapped well in down & fleece – and it ain't pretty. People in the line at the grocery store lately are complaining* that these fluctuations in temperatures are the reason people get sick - flus, colds etc. However Ahhhhh do declare that to be an urban myth and old husband's tale I'm sure of it. Fluctuations of the upward variety definitely add some spark to my step.

Windy still, and temperatures dropping. Today I am continuing on a housecleaning thang which I began yesterday. Shut Up ! No you Shut Up !! 'Tis true. Well, Nessy's just arrived here atop the teak topped desk ... so you know the drill.

* a sure fired way to recognize the Canadian in a crowd - they'll be the ones complaining about the weather. It's a national past time.

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and ... thanks so much for sharing your medicinal lists yesterday.

not at all a surprise - Oliver is also the most helpful of housecleaning assistants


  1. Ah, your tree looks lovely.

  2. hiya Susan...we're in the middle of more than a little plunge...it is now -25C ...winds of 15kph....they say that makes it -35C.... brrrr...

    Awwww...Oliver so loves to help...he must the such an entertaining guy..

    Your tree looks great...

  3. Just showed Greg your tree and he said... "hey, a tree right up your alley...very sparkly.. you would be right beside Oliver having a good look"....and he's right...I love the chandelier danglies...and the red beads..and the... well, it is all just perfect........

  4. oh that oliver! what a delightful little guy he is! my husband is canadian and he loves the cold.in fact, he thinks most of us here in ohio are big wusses. if we have to heat him say how much colder it is up in canada one more time. hee hee

  5. I so love oliver next to your pretty tree!! :)

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  6. Love these photos. Would love to buy some of yours--will do at some point if cash wasn't so tight.

    Brrr...i can just imagine how cold it must be up there. Too cold for my liking. I like cold, just not that cold! Still, the beauty of your surroundings certainly makes up for that. I would trade that in a heartbeat.


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