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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

autumn early morning sunrise

More images from la photo vault. Photography is so much about the light.

It's a rushed morning this early morning and you know how I feel about rushing. Wink. BFF Harry is picking me up curbside at 29 Black Street at 7:30am sharp for a day in the city. Shut Up ! It's true ! designer gal is leaving this little village for a day of big city shopping and browsing. Last evening (and through the night) I hummed and hawed about going at all and decided I would call him early this morning and cancel. I managed to conjure up a whole raft of excuses and reasons why I shouldn't treat myself to a wee adventure. I have lots of work that should and could be done today and I shouldn't be spending any money - No's 1 & 2 on that list and also the well worn theme of this life. You know those moods, that frame of mind that can sweep over you where you know that you're bored, in a funk, a change would do you good, some fun, some frivolity yet you can't seem to get out of your own way to allow it to happen. An opportunity presents itself and you work hard to come up with a reason(s) to push it away. It's that well practiced game of self sabotage I've mentioned. But this morning, in this moment anyway, I am preparing to go to the city. Harry is one of those, (very few) people in my life who I always feel totally safe and secure with, I never tire of time spent with him, I always enjoy his company and could listen him talk and tell stories endlessly plus he's a really good driver (it's a 2 hour drive each way). He and I have made this trip many a time and it's always great to be trapped in a car for 4 hours with him, we can chat up a storm and get all caught up.

So ... this early morning indecisive, funkalicious and tres moody girl must go off to the land of bubbles and scent, Miss D and I need to walk in darkness early this morning, oh what will you wear ? Miss What Not To Wear and of course, I mustn't forget ... la list must be made.


  1. Susan, I hope you enjoy your big city adventure today. What is it that makes us do that thing, where we try to talk ourselves out of doing something fun? I do the same thing. It feels like some kind of inertia. Once I'm in my house I don't want to leave. I just need to get a mile or so away, and it loses its hold on me and then I'm fine. But it's so hard to just get started.

  2. I always hope Clinton and Stacy are not lurking behind corners critiquing my attire.

    Have fun in the city!

  3. Have a great time in the city and take some photos, and enjoy every moment!

  4. When I was in London a year and a half ago I saw Trinny from the original British version of the show. They were recording on Oxford St. I hoped, as I walked past, that she wasn't looking at my scruffy outfit!

  5. I'll be busy baking Stollen...well, attempting to do so...

    show and tell later.....

    hope you are having a fun day! You and Harry should pop over for tea.. lol.. and yummy bread.....

  6. Hope you and Harry had a good time! There's always so much to do, but a little time for fun is a must-do too.

  7. Sounds like fun. Beautiful photography.

  8. Can't wait to read about your adventure!


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