Monday, December 15, 2008

pink & red holiday coolness from yee haw industries

continued lack of holiday spirit ... continues • the hole in the exhaust of our teak coloured '97 Ford Escort wagon now is so large that you can hear us comin' a mile away • repair appointment slated for Wednesday • Errrgggghhhh ... it's another Monday • balmy temperatures forecast all week - good news ! and tres balmy today & tomorrow. Smile • continued & ongoing smiles and joy provided daily (hourly, minute-ly) by the wonderful cast of furry ones that share this old brick house with me • Christmas is next week but I guess you probably knew that - how can that be ?? • continued playing of much practiced game of self sabotage ... continues • 2:50 am this early morning my coffee machine began brewing coffee. I got up, set the carafe on the counter, climbed back upstairs, crawled back into the nest of down & flannel and this morning, as I sit at the teak topped desk - I'm drinking microwaved coffee. Sigh • sequins & beads, felt & embroidery floss = sweetest octopus ornaments • amazingly beautiful and tres fun hour long walk at the golf course yesterday in sun and sparkling snow. My girl Miss D she's such a dog's dog, unlike most retriever's who are people dogs first and Missy J also falls into this category - Winnie loves other dogs and she especially loves Maggy Sue. Lots of twirling and spinning and dancing and big doggy smiles. We have another date today at 1pm • no matter how shité I may feel when I first open my eyes I always feel better after I've been here awhile each early morning. This blog is very much a kind of therapy for me. Get all that yucky off of me and onto this white space, tool around a bit in the always amazing land of blogs, be inspired and cheered, read and reread kind and supportive comments left here for all of us, upload a few way cool & colourful illustrations and poof ...

... things don't seem quite so bad.

We're off now to stroll around our little seaside village in darkness - Missy D and I.

More way cool letterpress stuff from Tennessee based yee haw industries.

fishing bear - yee haw industries


  1. Good morning, Susan. I wish you a beautiful day full of love and smiles! I don't know what it is, but I'm having a hard time this holiday season, too. Just trying to keep myself busy and give, give, give to others...that makes me feel better.

    And I love your thought/perspective about your blog..."Get all that yucky off of me..." I like the way you put that. I sat here imagining wiping the yuckiness off my arms, my legs, etc". Now, I feel like I can face the day!!! :)


  2. 2:50 a.m. coffee brewing! oh my.
    Well I got up at 4 and pushed my brew button, took Bailey out and back into fresh brewed hot Colombian.
    I think the difficulty getting into this holiday season is very widespread....for many reasons.
    I 'lost' my voice on Sat, kinda symbolic, so drinking lots of tea and sucking on lozenges!
    It's warmer than normal here in Virginia too.

  3.'s cold outside here....-30C this a.m........ there is even frost on the insides of the windows and the door locks.....aacckkk! It ain't fun when it is this cold...

    Some of my cards won't make it on time as I haven't mailed them yet... my sister's package will make it because it goes on the Speedy Doggy Mom used to call it.... ( Greyhound )

    I used to love it when my cars made that much noise... one I even got a special "boom tube" exhaust pipe for my little '72 yellow VW bug... I also reversed the rims, painted them; had a bronze and copper Hurst shifter installed...oh, yeh...I was way cool in the day.... hahahahhah .....

    Boy, the furnace is working overtime today...sure hope it stays working.....

  4. Rainy day here, which I would appreciate more if it weren't MONDAY! Serious lack of Xmas spirit too, even last night with a fire in the fireplace. Just got to remember to keep breathing. Many hugs and balmy thoughts.

  5. i find a quick visit to your blog to be so restive and fun. i always leave with a smile. i'm curious to know what temperature you consider balmy in december??!!

  6. Hi Susan, We have gotten off easy so far this season, but now we have a "winter weather advisory" for tonight.
    You make winter sound so cozy with your furry ones and fire and bubbles and nest. I'm going to try to do the same here.

  7. Hi, sounds like your blog is a kind of 'morning pages' like prescribed in the artist way course.

    LOL, it sounds like your coffee machine has a mind of its own, deciding when to get you up each day!

  8. I remember a test drive in a car I liked the look of(didn't look as far as the exhaust). To my surprise,I roared out of the car lot,"sittin' low". It turned out to be more of a young man's car, but boy I had fun!

  9. Really fun Yee Haw stuff!

    Snow is coming for us tonight. Only one inch expected, though. Just enough to give us a nice wintery wonderland feel!


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