howling wind

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mr Sweetness himself Oliver cuddled up with the L'il Man Gussie

I'm up early this morning. Drinking coffee at 4:30 am. It's wild outside. Windy, and heavy slushy frozen rain. Too messy for Nessy to go out this early morning, one sniff out the door and he scurried back inside to go and lie on his sofa by the fire. Parts to the North of us are a having a wild winter storm with a heavy snowfall advisory so we can be thankful that's it's just rain here. Sorry ski folk.

I kind of goofed off this weekend. I really didn't do any drawing/design work to speak of (although I meant to). It's been so crazy busy here at the teak topped desk it was kind of nice to have two entire days with really no plan ... no list. The weekend just passed me by with long walks avec my girl Miss D at the golf course, light tidying, lots of laundry, puttering (I'm such a good putterer), and buried in the nest of down & flannel with a good book for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Sigh. And of course we had the drama of Sweet Oliver MIA along with the thrilling and heartfelt happy reunion. So today I must make up for that lost creative time - 3 new children's themed photo frame groupings must spill out of me and onto tracing paper. Cute, sweet & whimsical the themes for this stormy windy Monday.

More Lush goodness this morning. Bubbles with Patchouli etc ... I'll stoke the fire and then back to the nest with my second cup of coffee and Missy D to lie in the dark for a while and listen to the howling wind.

Miss Winnie Dixon enjoying an afternoon snooze acec les garcons

Heard this playing in our local grocery store the other day. 80's Canadian pure pop greatness The Spoons


  1. Oh my goodness Susan, thank you for that film clip. Did we all look so tragic with the hair and fashion in the 80's? This is what we all looked like when my daughter was born in '83. Very Flashdance, bracelets and leg-warmers.I have a school staff photo from those days,which I think is so funny now,where we all look like people in your clip of The Spoons, and in family photos from then I mutter "what was I thinking!".The 80's, when we lost our fashion direction.As for prescription glasses, we won't even go there!Those frames!I enjoyed your post so much.

  2. This reminds me so much of my train-commuting days in Philadelphia. I miss all that "romantic traffic". Every day was an adventure, going into the city.

    Love to you and all your wonderful, furry crew.

  3. I see "somebody" is staying home, hunkered down and safe today... lol... maybe he will not zip out again too soon. I hope.

    We had about 9 inches of snow yesterday...I am sore from shoveling. I was leaving the second shoveling for Greg cuz he was at work... has been working 7 days a week.. but... he had an accident on the way home and by then it was getting way I kept he's too sick to he seems to have the flu.... boy, what a crappy day for him.

    The guy in front of him started spinning out on flat road... did a complete 360 right in front of Greg and Greg T-boned him. Luckily everybody was going really slow...but still...the front of our kinda new Rav 4 is totally wrecked. Bumper crushed, front corner panel wrecked.. hood shoved over sideways....the other guy couldn't drive his Civic away... and... what are the odds of this? The guy was deaf...and the only woman who witnessed the accident, stopped and walked back to help.... knew sign language...

  4. Yuck! The weather here is cool and overcast, kind of nice for a change. Glad your home and family are safe and warm. Warm thoughts from SoCal.

  5. Goodness, I'm almost glad I didn't get a chance to check in yesterday. I would have had a panic attack reading that post about the lost Oliver! As it was, I just enjoyed the gorgeous photo of him, knowing he had been found before reading! Whew.

    And that is a lovely photo, Susan!
    Love to you and all the furry ones!
    Stay warm!

  6. Good evening, Susan. I bet it felt good to do nothing for 2 days!! You deserve it after all of the hard work you've been putting in. :) And I so love the pic of Miss D chillin' on the bed. How cute! I didn't get as much done as I wanted this past weekend, but I did finish one special painting!...

    Much love to you and the fuzzy gang! :)

  7. This post made me want to snuggle down under a big down comforter!

    Enjoyed The Spoons. Thank goodness they are playing real music in the grocery stores these days rather than the old Muzak they used to play. That stuff was awful!

  8. what a cozy nest of fur curled up for a nap!! your frames project sounds like so much fun!

  9. Love that song. not heard it before. i love the 80's. Funny, may hair still sort of looks like that.

    everyone needs down time. My w/e was nuts but c'est la guerre...or is it c'est la vie?!


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