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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

still contemplating crafting merry & bright felt ornaments

The little reindeer is an ornament I made years ago from a kit. Love that ric rac.

7- 7:45 - walk around the village and along the harbour's edge in darkness and warmth (mild temperatures prevail) with my girl Winnie
8-8:30 - breakfast of high fibre twigs, granola + banana at the teak topped desk
8:30-12:30 - gradually tick off a list of small but important tasks, drawings scanned and sent, correspondence tended to, Christmas cards to write and address, a fairly big list of little things - done.
12:30 - embarrassed drive to the post office in the teal coloured '97 Ford escort wagon which now sounds like a tank (or worse) - no point in slouching down in the seat because in this village everyone recognizes my car. Pick up the mail and post Christmas cards and packets.
1:00-2:15 - 5 minute drive to the golf course in the car that sounds like a tank (or worse) for a happy, twirling, zooming, running, smiling big long walk with Deb & Maggy Sue in balmy temperatures. Happy, happy dogs.
2:15-4:30 - a phone chat with my nephew Michael (Uh Uh ! he loves to chat and I'm so glad). Thank goodness for cordless phones and multitasking. I made Miss D a big batch of lean beef, carrots, lentils and rice and did some very mild tidying while catching up with Mr. University student, all round great kid and my own personal apple computer genius bar. I'm so happy he calls his Auntie S. Smile.
4:30-5:30 - Make my own dinner and purposefully and mindfully do the dishes and tidy up the kitchen. It's another secret to this living in the moment business - to Do what your Doing while you're Doing it. In other words to not be doing the dishes while planning your grocery list or thinking about the next item on your endless to-do, must-do list. You just Do the dishes and it makes it so much nicer. Simple tasks can become a pleasure To Do.
5:30-6:30 - reruns of Jon & Kate +8 - I can't help myself, those kids are so sweet
6:30-7:00 - a previously taped episode of Martha Stewart - ginger shortbread and meringue treasure chests with French countesses.
7:00 (Bing !) and finally the hour these days that I allow myself to turn out the lights on the main floor (except for our twinkling, sparkling kitchen Christmas lights) and move on up to the second floor followed by les gang of furry ones, to retreat to the nest, to puff up the pillows, a big mug of spiced orange tea and a stack of new magazines by my side, with a bit of CBC radio ... and the end of not a bad day.

This early morning rain is pelting against my windows and the air outside is as warm as a late spring day.


  1. That little reindeer is so "Blackstreet"!! I love ric rac.

  2. Cute reindeer! Sounds like you had a pretty full day. Glad it ended up good. :) Stay warm!


  3. oh, how I love a bowl of sparklies to stir my fingers around in.... just to feel them ...to pick up a little handful and let them trickle back down between my fingers...

    we have a slight bit warmer but hardly balmy at -12C ... maybe the van will start. I plugged it in a little bit ago. No point leaving it plugged in all the time..a few hours should be enough ...I'll be driving down the road with plenty of snow blowing off the top as there is still 10 inches up there.

  4. What a day! I like it that you reward yourself with the going to bed retreat. Sometimes I get a wave of exhaustion and take to the covers for a two hour nap. When I wake up, I'm confused and yearning to go back to sleep. I think I need to find more pick-me-ups throughout the day. Your blog inspired me.

  5. Sounds like a perfectly lovely day. And I wish I were craftier.

  6. This sounds like a very contented day.


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